Architectural Drafting - Whether you are utilizing the services of a professional designer or architect or creating your environment yourself, when it comes to custom woodwork we develop our own drawings and specifications to ensure a marriage between your vision and the end result... a classic piece of woodworking that will last for a lifetime... and beyond.

Materials Selection

There are so many choices of types of woods, grades of lumber and finishing techniques that affect woods in different ways. The key ingredient is to maintain consistence throughout the work. By this we mean that every grain, every veneer, every piece that will be fabricated must match in terms of quality, color and appropriateness. We have relationships with yards and suppliers up and down the Eastern seaboard to ensure that we have the selection we need to meet your requirements, and our stringent standards.

Craftsmanship and Fabrication

Here is where decades of know-how combine with the latest technologies to ensure that your materials are cut, molded and shaped with a mindfulness and aesthetic second to none. Although individual pieces are hand fabricated, every member of our team already understands beforehand the balance of grain, color and seams necessary to create a single piece of wood from many... architecturally and ergonomically sound, adhering precisely to the design specifications. Within every piece we create, there's a part of every Lifetime craftsperson that comes in contact with it.


There is a paradox in Lifetime's finishing process in that we actually "un-finish" your project first. Essentially, we completely assemble every aspect of your project until it is "finished", and then "un-finish" it by taking the entire piece apart. Although this is kind of a humorous take on our process, the reasons behind it are completely serious. The critical issue is to ensure perfect fit and assembly before we begin sanding and applying multiple coats of finishing agents. Depending on the kind of wood from traditional like Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut or Oak to exotics like Burl, Anigre, Sycamore, or Zebrawood, we hand mix every batch of stain, lacquer and paint to blend colors and sheens to your exact specifications. Even solid lacquers with thousands of color choices are available. And we apply multiple coats to ensure a Lifetime of beauty and use.


At Lifetime, we feel that the installation of our projects is just as creative and technically demanding as any other part of the process. It is the only part of the process in which we do not exert 100% control of the physical plant, as we do in our own shop. Because field conditions vary so dramatically, we use only specially trained woodworking mechanics to install your project. These professionals work hand in hand with architectural drawings on-site to ensure that all specs are met. In essence, these people have to be the best because they are our front lines, demonstrating the professionalism of our organization for all to see. And while that may seem a little self serving, it also ensures that you get the very highest quality installation... the last step in a painstaking yet tremendously rewarding process.

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