Everything about Lifetime can be experienced in one deep inhale when you enter our doors. It's the fresh sweet, you pungent smell of sawdust. We can't speak for you, but that's what gets our blood pumping. So the fact that we can experience all that wonderful sawdust aroma in our newly expanded 00,000 square foot facility on the Deer Park/Bay Shore border of the historic South Shore of Long Island, is frankly gravy for us.

Lifetime's sophisticated wood shop has been designed to effectively deliver efficient throughout on all jobs. We have a complete production line to handle any woodworking assignment. From our design stations, through fabrication, finishing and installation planning areas, we put a premium on having an environment that doesn't fight for attention, but rather focuses us on the job at hand.

Lifetime's facility is emblematic of the ultimate marriage of old and new. While every piece of wood is scrutinized by our experienced and talented craftspeople, these artisans also understand the benefit of time savings and adherence to exact tolerances afforded by the right equipment. The staple machines that every fine quality shop must have on hand are taken to new levels at Lifetime... practically the entire shop is computer controlled to adjust for tolerances down to .0001 of an inch. This includes our Edgebander, Sliding Table Saw, Vertical Panel Saw, Planer, Shaper, and more. However the heart of our production capability is our new C.N.C. Machining Center which cuts, drills, grooves, shapes, planes and mills at the highest level of accuracy available... all at record speeds In a business where time truly equals money, Lifetime can produce projects, faster, more accurately and less costly than most other shops.

Finally, as the raw materials we use to drive our business come directly from Mother Earth, what we reap we shall sew. Therefore, we maintain total observance of all Federal, State, and Local requirements, maintaining a safe workplace and a respect for the environment. From anti-air pollution and hazardous waste procedures to compliance with OSHA requirements for jobsite safety to a commitment to maintain a drug-free workplace, Lifetime is proud of the high standards we have set, and live by everyday.

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